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Crisis Management and Your Event Planner | Public Relations Company

The english dictionary defines Crisis as "a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger".  When confronted with bad news or a crisis, it's critical that companies and individuals manage the crisis so they are in control - and not the events.

Always having a backup plan and remaining in control in all professionalism is the only way to handle such crises.  Without the help everything spirals out of control, you end of playing catchup or drown. And in the social media age, you may find yourself in need of crisis management Pr because you are under siege by Tweeters or being attacked by roque Facebook users. 

Short Story:  I recall my first networking, vendor event.  I made sure my flyer expressed excitement so much so that I didn't have a problem booking vendors or sponsors. (I talk about this in my upcoming book "Simply Plan It" - creating an engaging flyer).  My vendors showed up, my guests arrived on time ready for a good time.  As time goes by, I had a missing photographer and caterer.  My photographer just didn't show up and my caterer was stuck in traffic.  I had to think and act fast - Crisis Management Mode. I sent my assistants to purchase food from the local deli and I engaged everyone including my vendors in selfie photo shoots.  I maintained my excitement which electrified the room and we all had a great time, (all the while I was screaming inside WHY?!! WHY?!!).  I later share photos, comments, testimonies and continued to promote my vendors post event for almost 6 months.  I made sure MY CRISES was not the talk of the town.  That was (6) years ago and my vendors still follow me and my previous guests ask me when is the next event.  

Bottom Line: Make sure you are prepared to handle Crisis.  Are you in a crisis? Need a plan b for your event?  Or sign up for our event planning coaching sessions to help you get started with planning your next event.  We can help.   

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