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Branding and Marketing Your Event

Another key component. Your event needs something that will set it apart from the rest. What differentiates your event brand? What is truly unique about your event?  Remember your real bosses are your attendees. First things first: What is the name of your event? Is it memorable or nah? You need an event name that communicates the goal of your event and distinguishes it from competitors. You also need a name with longevity. Can you imagine this same event in 2016? 2017? Make sure your name is contemporary, but not trendy.

After a great name, your event needs a theme: a compelling phrase that defines your event and gives it focus. It’s not enough to use your company tagline, no matter how witty, concise or competitive. Your event needs a theme to capture attention, communicate enthusiasm, and boost attendance. If your theme is personal and speaks directly to your attendees, even better. 
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