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The Art of Activation...

I recently shared my current reading list, and so I am sharing a few excerpts from the book, The Art of Activiation, by the wonderful and powerful, Author and Celebrity Life Coach, Lucinda Cross.

As the author stated, "this is not a fad or a quick fix".  I truly believe that there is nothing new under the sun.  As I read along, I realize that I am familiar with some of the steps to activation and I am appreciating the confirmations written in this publication.  I am grateful for the reminders, the push to keep walking in my purpose through God's direction.

"Life has thrown me it's share of obstacles"____"I see them all as opportunities to score a home run for the glory of God and the greater work of His Kingdom."

"Many times, the very areas that we are challenged in are the areas God want to us to stay in."

"It's time to move beyond where you are today, welcoming others alongside who will stretch you beyond your comfort zone while motivating you to press beyond the difficulties as they arise."

The Art of Activation, by Lucinda Cross

(I usually am the one doing the PUSHING, challenging others to push beyond their comfort zone.)

I would like to share those I came across that are PUSHING me beyond my comfort zone, that is a Facebook group called Black Owned Businesses, the members are a tremendous group of people, who are always helping, assisting, pushing, sharing, encouraging, pushing, challenging.  

Activate and Keep Pushing!