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If you’ve attended any of our events, you’ve probably received a swag bag filled with goodies. Every Friday I will  highlight how event planners, small and large businesses use can benefit from the promotional marketing mix. A business’s promotional mix includes everything from contest, coupons, and sampling. Swag in the promotional mix has become quite popular, I believe you will only see more fun and creative giveaways.

As an event planner coordinating events this is a huge part of your event.  Swag bags provide an experience for your event.  However this can be a tedious task on your to do list, but an important. 

The most important things to know about swag:
  1. Swag must be relevant and enticing.
  2. Have a plan on how to get product/services businesses to place their items in the bag.
  3. Have a goal of what you want the swag to achieve, whether that is, new customers, brand awareness, new product promotion…etc. You also need to place yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Ask yourself, “Would this entice my guests?”
The main attraction of any event should be the content.  Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference, like your attendee swag bags.  Keep in mind, the swag you give out is a reflection of your event. Attendees like swag bags!

Alba's Exclusive Events are happy to take care of this task for you and provide you with our Swag Bags for your next event.  We do all the work.  We obtain the products according to your promotional mix, we will place them in our beautiful bags, deliver and/or ship right to your door step.   Now you have one less task to worry about.  Contact us to discuss your event swag bag needs.