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I Am Black Women In Media

We have recently been awarded "Public Relations Firm of the Year" award by OMG Photography, during the company's first Annual "Black Women in Media Gala.  This company is owned by an amazing young woman, Makeba Green.  When I say young woman, she is only 19 years.  This event was created to raise college funds for high school seniors in her community.

For our blog post today, I want to briefly talk about IMPACTING STRENGTH IN YOUNG WOMEN.

There is only a small window of time to teach our young women the many lessons of growing in strength and in wisdom.  It takes a lot to be just a young women but it takes so much to be a strong and lovely young women.  Our society today focuses on the appearances of our young women rather than what’s in their hearts and minds. 

It’s important to teach them how to boost their self worth – to be their strongest influence first because we are not always around.

Strength in agency and accountability; the choices they make

Strength in Dating; choosing to date those who have high moral standards and in the company they can maintain their high standards.

Strength in Dress and Appearance; Deciding to never lower their standards of dress

Strength in Education; knowing that their education brings great rewards.

Strength in Entertainment and Media; Our society uses media to deceive our young women by making what is wrong and evil looking, normal, humorous, exciting and glamorous.  Deciding what is exceptable.

Strength in knowing not to represent anything that goes against your standards.  Strength to know that God directs their steps and they and always lean on him and his unchanging Word.

When our girls go away to college its these strengths and more that will empower on a day to day basis.

When they get married and have their own families, these very strengths empower to be better partners and parents.

I am hopeful that 2015 will see a continued strength in our young women, like the Makeba Greens, the Denielle Barnhardts, and the Dominique Hendersons, and many others make  strong positive strides in their communities, college campuses, their families, on the screen, behind the cameras, in the music industry and of course the ballots….”anything that broadens the definition of a strong black young woman in a positive direction is great by me”  Read more about Makeba Green at
http://www.brickcitylive.com/andaiye/2013/12/27/portrait-of-a-newark-teen-entrepreneur-philanthropist-makeba-green-makes-her-own-luck/, or visit her at https://www.facebook.com/makeba.green.7?fref=browse_search. 

They are an outstanding bunch.

Bottom Line: We have to continue to teach our young women, from generation to generation to generation.

I leave you with this poem….by Tia Sparkles Singh

To Those that are, and those that are growing up to be.

The daughters. The mothers. The sisters.
The fribblings – friends like siblings.
The wives. The girlfriends.
The aunts. The nieces.
The grand-somethings.
The young uns. The teens.
The women in your life.
Who love, lose, cry.
Laugh, heal, thrive.
Nurture. Create.

As. you. are.

Stronger than you know.

More beautiful than you think.

Worthier than you believe.

More loved than you can ever imagine.

Passionate about making a difference.

Fiery when protecting those you love.

Learning. Growing. Not alone.

Warm. Giving. Generous.

Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.

Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave.

And so, so, so.much.more.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.