What if you can spend a 4-6 hours with me, receiving great content, exercises, hands on training, resources to PUT THINGS INTO ACTION AND TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS? 

This is what VIP Day is all about, Focus on You and Your Goals

This is a day set aside to spend 4-6 hours with me.  Together we take an in-depth look at your goals and plans for your current state of your business or event planning goals and map out a detailed strategy for creating your movement going forward.  We identify where your strengths lie and where you need to shift your doing to get the very best results for your goal achievement.  Our aim is to keep you active.

  • Content, Hands on Training and Exercises
  • Resources: Scripts, Content Creation, Lists, Hands on Training
  • Unlimited emails
  • Organizing Your Thoughts and Tasks

Requirements:  Must commit to the full 4-6 hours.  Book your VIP Day Today. 

We are available to Travel (additional fees apply).

Power of Planning

VIP Day will prepare you to plan with confidence in God. 
Goal setting helps us to strive to achieve. Although goal setting may be challenging, it is generally worthwhile. It's intention is to increase efficiency and effectiveness by specifying desired outcomes. The following are the most important purposes of goal setting:

  • Goals guide and direct behavior.
  • Goals provide clarity.
  • Goals provide challenges and standards.
  • Goals reflect what the goal setters consider important.
  • Goals help improve performance.
  • Goals increase the motivation to achieve.
  • Goals help increase pride and satisfaction in one’s achievements.
  • Goals improve self-confidence.
  • Goals help decrease negative attitude.

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Limited Spots. 

Exercises include: Role Playing, Writing, Creating Charts Character and Mindset Building and more...

We provide:
Exclusive Location
Breakfast and Lunch
60 Days Post VIP Day with unlimited emails.  

We are available to Travel (additional fees apply).

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